03 April 2018

BINGO TRAPPERS Girlie Food 1996


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The duo of Waldemar Noë and Wim Elzinga have been otherwise known as the Bingo Trappers since their debut in 1995. Based out of Amsterdam, Holland, their 1997 first self-released album entitled Sierra Nevada features an array of sloppy junk country that was recorded on low fidelity equipment. Amongst a number of other demo and contribution releases, Animal World Records put out the Trappers first CD-only release of Juanita Avenue in 2001. 


A1 Like Wise
A2 Don't Freeze
A3 Virtual Yellow Shirt
A4 The Arrows
A5 Two-bit Falaffel Dish
A6 Summerschnitzel
B1 She Knows
B2 Theme From Candystore
B3 New Ways Of Travelling
B4 Waterboy
B5 Light Sells
B6 Blacklight

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