05 April 2018

THE CATHETERS self titled 1999

by request

Artist Biography by

Hailing from Seattle, the Catheters are comprised of members Brian Standeford (vocals, guitar), Derek Mason (guitar), Dave Brozowski (drums), and Leo Gebhart (bass). 1999 saw the release of their self-titled debut album, which the quartet supported by playing dates with the likes of the Murder City Devils and Mudhoney. In 2001 the group signed to the Sub Pop label, with producer John Goodmanson (Unwound, Blonde Redhead, Sleater Kinney)already on board. The following year, Static Delusions and Stone-Still Delays arrived; two years later, Howling...It Grows and Grows!!! followed.


1 Never Look Back 3:11
2 Back In The Game 2:57
3 Those Nights Are Gone 4:26
4 Treat Me Like You Should 3:01
5 Do What I Want 2:24
6 Teenage Trash 1:56
7 Restless Eyes 2:52
8 Got No Reason 2:05
9 Ain't So Bad 2:28
10 The Kids Know How To Rock 3:48

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