26 April 2018

THESE ANIMAL MEN (Come On, Join) The High Society 1994


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(Come on, Join) The High Society
The British band These Animal Men were quickly tossed into the "new wave of new wave" revolution, a music scene created mainly by the U.K. press to help publicize a number of young pop-punk revivalists in England circa 1994. Formed in 1993 in Brighton, England, These Animal Men wasted no time in shocking the masses. The group's first single, "Speeed King," was a high-octane tribute to amphetamines; the cover even showed a bowl of suspicious white powder and a couple of straws. Comprised of Julian Hewings (vocals, guitar), Patrick Murray (bass), Boag (guitar, vocals), and Stevie Hussey (drums), These Animal Men capitalized on widespread tabloid rumors of the band consisting of drug-addicted bad boys. The banned "Speeed King" even landed them on the legendary Top of the Pops show. However, when These Animal Men released their debut album, (Come on Join) The High Society, Oasis had just unleashed Definitely Maybe into a stagnant rock & roll market searching for the Next Big Thing after the death of Nirvana's Kurt Cobain. Oasis brought guitar pop back onto the British charts and showed the world that England was worth listening to again. The "new wave of new wave" movement was left in the dust, taking These Animal Men and their sordid tales of drugs, booze, and masturbation with them. The group recorded another full-length, Accident & Emergency, and then split up quietly in 1997. Hewings and Boag reunited in Mo Solid Gold.


1 Sharp Kid 3:11
2 Empire Building 3:16
3 Ambulance 4:18
4 This Year's Model 3:35
5 You're Always Right 3:00
6 Flawed Is Beautiful (Edit) 2:50
7 This Is The Sound Of Youth 2:39
8 Sitting Tenant 3:51
9 Too Sussed? 3:17
10 (Come On, Join) The High Society 3:52
11 We Are Living 5:07
12 Hight Society (Return) 1:30

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