08 April 2018

MICHIO KADOTANI 腐っていくテレパシーズ 1991


Michio Kadotani was born in Japan in 1959. Kadotani was the creator of some of the best post punk/noise and all around strangeness to come out of Japan and the head honcho of the band Rotting Telepathies. Have a listen if you like noise rock and post punk. The sounds emanating from his guitar are eclectic weirdness. Be prepared for a journey into the world of Kadotani. In 1990 he passed away, sadly. If you're interested in Japanese noise rock and punk, check out the Tokyo Flashback compilations on P.S.F. (Psychedelic Speed Freaks) Records. These gems have been re-released on vinyl in 2017.


1 テレパシーなんかウンザリだ 3:24
2 (俺のそばに) 4:59
3 青い再会 3:43
4 エスケイプ・アウエイ 6:46
5 Live At Jam 9:28
6 Live At ぎゃてい 5:06
7 Live At Goodman 0:40
8 (死ぬほど普通のふりをしなければ) 5:39
9 5:11
10 同時の2人 4:25
11 現実 4:22
12 (無題) 6:05

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