07 April 2018

SEVEN SIMONS Four Twenty-Four 1991

by request
When Seven Simons played their first gig on Aug. 29, 1985, at the Last Friday show hosted by the Museum of Arts & Sciences in Macon, GA, they clearly had the beginnings of something special. Keith Joyner from Dacatur, GA (guitarist, singer) and William Mull from Macon, GA (bassist) stuck it out through some tough times. They recruited drummer (Atlanta native) Jeff Sullivan, who soon left to join Drivin' N' Cryin'.
Nathan Webb (who had previously played in bands with William in Macon) joined as vocalist, and it was the ingredient Seven Simons needed to finally gel as a band. The three moved to Athens, GA in late summer '87.
Drummer Mike Zwecker (originally from Maine) joined shortly before the band went into the studio to record "Clockwork", their debut album on R.E.M.'s then manager, Jefferson Holt's indie label, "Dog Gone Records".
Seven Simons went on two national tours via the late, great Ian Copeland's FBI Booking, first with A Flock of Seagulls and then an even more extensive coast to coast tour with The Fixx.
The band built up a huge following in Athens, GA, living in blissful poverty while working various menial jobs, attending UGA (they all graduated, eventually!), and headlining many, many clubs throughout the South and East Coast of the US.


1 Afterall 4:22
2 White Fox 5:58
3 And She Falls 3:43
4 Black Angus 3:25
5 Babyhead 4:37
6 Make The People Move 4:27
7 Detester 4:57
8 Elvan 2:37
9 Ashes And Organdy 4:35
10 Clairvoyance 4:04
11 Winter Diva 3:55
12 Untitled 1:19

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