08 April 2018

DUNK Time To Fly 1999

 formerly known as Starkicker


Artist Biography by

Dunk is a Canadian group that formed in the late '90s. Members are lead singer/guitarist Ben Dunk, bassist Nick Dunk, drummer Doug Boudreau, and a guitarist by the single name of Tawgs. In September of 1999, the band's first album, Time to Fly, was released under the Sony Records label. The guys had some talented help in the studio while working on the album, including keyboardist, bassist, and guitarist Rick Neigher, and Rami Jaffee on the piano and synthesizer. Some of the tracks that can be found on this prime debut are "Crowd Surfing," "I Get High," "You Got It," "Everything Is Blue," and "Take You There." 


1 Crowd Surfing 4:11
2 Time To Fly 2:33
3 I Get High 2:58
4 Hollywood 3:25
5 Personal Assistant 4:46
6 Santa Fe 3:57
7 You Got It 3:43
8 Just Felt Right 4:28
9 Everything Is Blue 3:36
10 Take You There 4:05
11 Airwaves 2:34
12 Running 3:36
13 Crowd Surfing (Surf's Up Mix) 3:53

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