26 July 2015

COLD COLD HEARTS self titled 1997


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Indie rock supergroup Cold Cold Hearts formed in Washington, D.C., in the mid-'90s when Bratmobile's Allison Wolfe and Erin Smith joined forces with Katherine Brown and Nattles of the Cutthroats. Having survived the flurry of attention during the riot grrrl phenomenon of the mid-'90s, the bandmembers regrouped, and Cold Cold Hearts was the result. With its unapologetic punk rock etiquette, the group gave the D.C. indie scene an undeniable shot in the arm. After releasing the "Yer So Sweet" single on Baby Donut Records, Nattles recruited fellow Flin Flon member Mark Robinson to perform on Cold Cold Hearts' self-titled debut album on Kill Rock Stars Records in 1997. The collaboration fizzled soon after, serving as a notable pit stop in the careers of some of indie rock's most influential women. 


1 Vx Rx
2 Any Resemblance...
3 5 Signs: Scorpio
4 Cute Boy Discount
5 Broken Teeth
6 Lady! Reversible! (Alleged.)
7 Maybe Scabies
8 1-2-3...Many!
9 Sorry Yer Band Sux, ("Rebels Without A Brains")
10 (You're So Sweet) Baby Donut
11 State Trooper In The Left Lane, Nattles!

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