18 July 2015

CREEPER LAGOON I Become Small And Go 1998

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I Become Small and Go
The Bay Area-based alternative rock quartet Creeper Lagoon comprised singer/guitarist Ian Sefchick, multi-instrumentalist Sharky Laguana, drummer David Kostiner, and bassist Geoffrey Chisholm (later replaced by Dan Carr). Their debut LP, I Become Small and Go, appeared on the Nickelbag label in 1998, and SPIN named them the best New Artist that same year. Watering Ghost Garden followed two years later; Take Back the Universe And Give Me Yesterday was issued in early 2001. The following summer, the band inked a deal with Arena Rock Recordings and prepped for an EP release within the coming months. Creeper Lagoon also contributed their version of "Why Me" to the Kris Kristofferson tribute album Nothing Left to Lose, which appeared on Incidental in October 2002. 


1 Wonderful Love 4:42
2 Tracy 3:51
3 Empty Ships 3:47
4 Dreaming Again 3:51
5 Prison Mix 2:21
6 Sylvia 2:50
7 Dear Deadly 3:33
8 Black Hole 2:28
9 Drink And Drive 2:32
10 Second Chance 5:29
11.1 He Made Us All Blind 3:28
11.2 Claustrophobia 2:12

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