18 July 2015

CORDUROY Dead End Memory Lane 1997

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Not to be confused with the acid jazz collective of the same name, Corduroy was an indie-rock trio from the San Francisco Bay area, in existence from 1991 to 1995. Each member had connections to other bands: singer/guitarist Wade Driver to 50 Million, bassist Mike Weisburg to the Foster Brooks, and drummer Gary Gutfeld to the Hi-Fives and Redemption '87. Although the group recorded often, much of their material went unreleased during the band's existence, their only full-length LP being 1994's Lisp. Upon their demise, the situation was remedied somewhat with the appearances of large portions of outtakes and rarities on the compilations Posthumorous (1997) and Dead End Memory Lane (1998).  


1 Hum
2 Cornflake
3 Strychnine Porcupine
4 Four Wall Drive
5 Just My Way
6 Language Of Mine
7 Truck Ribs
8 Stranded
9 Sump'n Good
10 Funeral
11 Out The Window
12 Comin' Down So Hard
13 Teeth
14 Half Mast
15 Livid
16 Nothing New
17 Jan Michael Vincent
18 Overhauls
19 G.E.
20 Cold Spot
21 Change
22 5:30 AM
23 Cut

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