19 February 2016

CANDY PLANET Am Besten Dessen Blisskrieg 2009

Originally released in 1995, this version is a reissue with extra tracks.
Thanks to Alluka

(From Last.FM) Candy Planet is an American alt rock quartet who stems from San Francisco and released 2 CD’s, Deeper Than Fluff and Blisskrieg in the 90's which helped them become the unsigned darlings of College Radio. One of their top plays was as song about a female box car racer called “Racer Girl”. It contained the amusing hook, “Who says I can’t race Rods, the girl should always be on top. Call me Racer Girl.”
1. Hard
2. Rita
3. Matter 
4. Bombshell Superdoll
5. Soul Shiver
6. Tattoos, Heartbreak, Bad Luck and Migraines
7. Rough
8. Close
9. Shout
10.  Every Time
11. Portal to God
12. Racer Girl
13. Looking to the Sky for Love
14. Save Yourself
15. Jullieanne
16. Stranger to Love
17. Mary
18. Love Pounds Like Heaven
19. Feel
20. Lyla
21. More Than a Woman
22. Hold Me Back
23. Cancer in the Raw
24. Tender Trap (Don't Be Blue)
25. Jezebel
26. Sweet on You
27. This Xmas

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