13 February 2016

THE KISS OFFS Goodbye Private Life 1999

Thanks to Jim
 Bratmobile meets The Fall

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Goodbye Private Life
Since their Austin, TX, debut in 1997, the Kiss-Offs have brought on their hectic, noisy garage punk comparable to the likes of the Grifters, Emily's Sassy Lime, and Bratmobile. Accompanied by a tongue in cheek stage show that included the use of strobe lights and pyrotechnics, Dwayne Barnes (drums/ vocals), Gavin Scott (bass/ vocals), Katey Jones (keyboard/ vocals), Travis Higdon (guitar/ vocals), and Phillip Niemeyer (guitar/ vocals) released their first EP, Love Evidence, through Peek-A-Boo Records in 1997. Following two additional singles, the Kiss-Offs recorded their first album, Goodbye Private Life, in Dwayne Barnes' garage before having Peek-a-Boo Records release it in 1999. A nation-wide tour in support of it would follow for the duration of the year, including a brief stint opening for the Rondells. Another studio release, entitled Rock Bottom, surfaced in early 2001. 


1 Untitled [Intro] 0:05
2 Dream Date 2:03
3 Never Been Kissed 1:30
4 Looking Through 3:11
5 Hey, Cowboy 2:01
6 Love's Evidence 2:33
7 Mock St. Augustine 2:39
8 Bottle Blonde 2:12
9 All Dressed Up 3:17
10 Scarlet Letters 2:12
11 The Kiss That Kills 2:17
12 A Prayer To St. Anthony 3:02
13 Perfect Fit 3:32
14 Kiss Me, Slap Me 2:22
15 The Horrible, Shocking Truth 3:24
16 Untitled [Outro] 0:08

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