06 February 2016

SENSE FIELD Sense Field 1999

by request

Advanced copy of unreleased CD packaged with back inlay only. Planned title was "Under The Radar" but advanced copies were titled "Sense Field".
From Wikipedia: " Initially signed to Revelation Records, they were hotly pursued by the major labels, eventually signing to Warner Bros. Records. Unfortunately the band became mired in inner-label politicking and sat in limbo for five years as the label re-staffed multiple times. They were eventually released from their contract and won the right to re-record the album they'd written for Warner Bros. Records (originally titled "Under The Radar" and later renamed Tonight & Forever)". 


1 War Of The Worlds 4:15
2 The Horse Is Alive 4:10
3 Are You Okay? 3:19
4 Emergency Exit 4:39
5 One More Time Around 3:52
6 Open Heart Surgery 3:52
7 To End A Letter 3:12
8 Love Song 3:51
9 Welcome Me 3:30
10 In Election 3:57
11 Am I A Fool? 3:07

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