17 February 2016

DONOTS Pedigree Punk 1996

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A German punk rock band whose name was meant to pay tribute to pastry, but ended up representing so much more by that mistake, the Donots formed in 1993 in Ibbenburen, Germany. The band released its first album in 1996, entitled Pedigree Punk. The band worked up enough of a buzz that in 1998 the Donots signed with BMG German subsidiary label Gun Records. That same year the group released their first full length for their new label, Tonight's Karaoke Contest Winners. A handful of albums followed over the next ten years (Better Days Not Included (1999), Pocket Rock (2001), Amplify the Good Times (2002), Got the Noise (2004), and The Story So Far -- The Ibbtown Chronicles (2006)) and in 2006 vocalist Ingo Donot (Knollmann), guitarist Guido Donot (Knollman), bassist Jan Dirk Donot (Poggemann), drummer Eike Donot (Herwig) and guitarist Alex Donot (Siebenbiedel) split from Gun Records, and started their own, called Solitary Man. In 2008, the Donots -- on their new label -- released the album Coma Chameleon. 


1 Elbow And A Smile 3:48
2 Yestertomorrow 3:15
3 Fight Instead 3:46
4 Feeble 2:13
5 Personality Clash 3:29
6 Little Song 2:23
7 Gentle Way 3:32
8 Needful Things (Highest Chart Position: 1) 3:47
9 Awakening 3:31

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