07 February 2016

DELAKOTA One Love 1998

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Beginning their career with live stints in moist caves and on BBC 2's "Newsnight," Britain's Delakota strives for that tricky sonic patch between shambolic Madchester indie, nostalgic retro-rock, and scuffed-up, modern dance. Des Murphy and ex-Smashing Things Cass Browne made their group debut in 1997 with a limited white-label single, "C'mon Cincinnati," but it wasn't until a respected remix for David Holmes and the premier commercial release of "The Rock" that the band started to gain the attention of international press. The latter song's characteristic fusion of stumbling beats and Primal Scream riffs especially ignited curiosity in the British indie circles, and it wasn't long before more established groups like Embrace invited them onto their national tours. Indeed, late 1998 was additionally positive for Delakota, as the band's debut -- and Stone Roses name-checking -- One Love full-length met with an untroubled positive press as well as a strong, cult success. 


1 C'Mon Cincinnati (Album Version) 6:14
2 I Thought I Caught 5:04
3 Too Tough 4:25
4 555 4:16
5 The Rock (Album Version) 6:13
6 Stealy 2:03
7 Brothers 5:01
8 On The Trail 5:35
9 Metallic Blue 5:00
10 Hook, Line & Sinker 5:01
11 End Of The Line 6:33
12 Show Me The Door 5:48

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