26 March 2016




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Revenge Is Slow
Formed in the mid-'90s by precocious 21-year-old singer/songwriter Jamie Hutchings, Australian indie rock quartet Bluebottle Kiss craft atmospheric power pop in the vein of Nick Cave, Coldplay, and Brendan Benson. After a solid yet unremarkable debut and subsequent EP for a major-label imprint, the band released the self-produced Patient in 1999. The success of that record was matched note for note on 2002's Revenge Is Slow and 2004's Come Across, both of which did well overseas. Hutchings and longtime member Ben Grounds were joined by bass player Ross Dickie and drummer Jared Harrison for 2006's two-disc extravaganza Doubt Seeds.

Fear of Girls 


1 Claim
2 Helping You Hate Me
3 I'm Wrong And You're Right
4 Now
5 To Think I'd Ever Disappoint You
6 Autumn Comes Too Soon
7 Dragee Fauna
8 Barbed Wire Star
9 Won't Forget
10 Outside Are The Dogs
11 Loaded To The Gills
12 Rust And The Time
13 You're Gonna Be On Your Own Soon
14 Ice On The Road (Taken On A Trust)
15 Stained Mouth 

1 Return To The City Of Folded Arms
2 Smother It In Honey
3 Girl Genius
4 Homeless Blueless
5 Running Around The White Picket Fence
6 Matrimony
7 Give Up The Ghost
8 Six Wheels
9 Maps To Help You Lose Your Way
10 Paddock Blues

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