27 March 2016

FUZZHEAD High In A Basement 1995

by request

Artist Biography by

Less a true band than a loose collective of experimental improvisers and sonic explorers, Kent, OH-based Fuzzhead has no permanent members, save leader/philosopher Bill Weita. Since the mid-'80s, Weita has led an ever-shifting lineup (the sleeve photo of one album features a group photo of literally dozens of people) through an occasionally bizarre mélange of Krautrock-style hypnotic rhythms, tuneful psych-folk, and blistering noise, like some sort of cross between Can, Glenn Branca, and Pearls Before Swine.
Although primarily an improvisatory live act, Fuzzhead released several albums, including 1988's Fuzzhead Is Love (with an utterly warped reworking of Jonathan Richman's already odd "Pablo Picasso"), 1991's Technicolor Soul, 1993's What's Going On?, 1995's El Saturn, and the excellently titled I Saw the Best Minds of My Generation Rock. Following that 1996 release, Fuzzhead retreated to their live-performances-only roots and Weita began releasing solo albums (featuring some members of Fuzzhead's ensemble), including 1997's Substance D and 2000's Subsidized Time. 


A1 Chicken
A2 Patch On Your Eye
A3 Another Step Closer
A4 88.8
B1 Catnip In Her Head
B2 Springtime

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