14 March 2016



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This indie rock supergroup consists of Jenny Toomey from Tsunami, Mark Robinson from Unrest and Air Miami, and Rob Christiansen from the Eggs. Formed in 1991, Grenadine has a slew of 7"s to its credit, as well as two albums, Goya and Nopalitos, that show off the band's moody take on pop music. Toomey's compositions tend to be sullenly melodic, quiet epics that show off her rich, throaty voice, while Robinson's songs range from upbeat power pop to odd, 1920s-style ditties reminiscent of Rudy Vallee and other crooners. An unusual band even by indie standards, Grenadine allows its members to explore musical facets untouched by their other bands, making the group more than just a side project. 

1 Goya 2:48
2 Philco 2:26
3 Decca 5:13
4 I Only Have Eyes For You 3:23
5 In A World Without Heroes 3:10
6 Pinky Tuscadero 5:30
7 Cherishino 3:10
8 Gillen (Except Sometimes) 3:32
9 Ticket 3:14
10 Demarest 4:08
11 Fillings 3:16
12 Decca Reprise 1:31
13 Untitled 3:32

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