24 March 2016

YOUR MUM self titled 2000

by request
 This is a compilation of material apparently originally recorded in the 90's.

AllMusic Review by

Your Mum features the former guitarist of Snuff before he dove into the wild world of dance music and the guitarist who replaced him. So who else are these guys going to sound like? Regardless of their obvious comparison, Your Mum can still hold their own in the vein of hyperactive thrash-pop heavy on the British accents. It's nicer to have a Snuff wannabe band pop up every now and then rather than another 100,000 Ramones clones any day. 


1 She Said
2 Punksong
3 Jupiter
4 Somethin' Fishy
5 Story Of Falling Sleet
6 Bug Run
7 Lost The Plot
8 E-Core
9 Should've Been There
10 Liquidator
11 Time To Say
12 Live And Learn
13 Wish You Were Here
14 Diet (Live)
15 E-Core (Disco Re-mix)

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