26 March 2016

SKINNER PILOT This Parking Lot Is Being Videotaped 1996

Elizabeth Sharp (Ill Ease, New Radiant Storm King) played bass and shared vocal responsibilities with Andrew Zarou (The Deer Park) who played guitar. But each geographical shift brought with it a line-up change in the drummer's seat.
Skinner Pilot was formed in Amherst, Massachusetts in 1993. The band re-located several times, first to Athens, Georgia, next to Minneapolis, Minnesota, and eventually by 1997, to Brooklyn, New York.
Andy Monteleone, Steve Healey (Frances Gumm), Roddy Elliott, and Liz Bustamante (Spouse, Addicted to Fiction) all played drums in Skinner Pilot.
The band released one full-length cd, "This Parking Lot is Being Videotaped"; two 7" singles (all on the Goodsin label from Boston, Massachusetts); and appeared on three compilations "Hotel Massachusetts" (Chunk), "The Art of Falling" (Monstro), and "Japanese Rhumba" (Y'akuza).
The group disbanded in 1998.

1 Collecting The City 4:02
2 Southed 4:34
3 Between The Clock And The Bed 5:16
4 Skin For Canoes 4:11
5 Braille Menu 2:27
6 Its All Angels 5:56
7 Through Binoculars 4:31
8 Miles City 5:59
9 Train I Was Taking 3:55
10 The 18 7:07
11 Ocean 1212W 4:48
12 Venus In Retrograde 1:43
13 Manitoba 5:30

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