12 May 2016

BLIND MR. JONES Stereo Musicale 1994

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Presumably taking their name from the first two songs on Talking Heads' Naked and jokingly referred to as the Jethro Tull of shoegazing for their frequent use of flute, Blind Mr. Jones formed in the early '90s in Marlow, England, quickly becoming regarded as a young band to keep an eye on. Guitarist James Franklin, guitarist/vocalist Richard Moore, flautist Jon Tegner, bassist/vocalist Will Teversham, and drummer Jon White comprised the band, starting out privately in their teens by aping bands like the Wedding Present. They eventually developed their sound to fit in line with shoegaze bands like Ride and Slowdive, and with a demo won the attention of the Cherry Red label, who eventually signed them.
Stereo Musicale
1992's Stereo Musicale was preceded by the Eyes Wide and Crazy Jazz singles; the former featured guitar parts written by Slowdive's Neil Halstead and the latter featured harmonica from Radiohead's Johnny Greenwood. Two years later, their full-length debut was followed by Tatooine, which shed some of the band's earlier shoegazing tendencies. The band apparently dissolved shortly after its release. 


1 Sisters 4:32
2 Spooky Vibes 6:12
3 Regular Disease 4:10
4 Small Caravan 5:13
5 Flying With Lux 1:57
6 Henna And Swayed 6:06
7 Lonesome Boatman 5:08
8 Unforgettable Waltz 2:18
9 Going On Cold 4:24
10 Spook Easy 1:34
11 One Watt Above Darkness 4:55
12 Dolores 4:45
13 Against The Glass 8:16

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