12 May 2016

NEW KINGDOM Heavy Load 1997

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Heavy Load
Nosaj and Sebastian formed New Kingdom after meeting at a New York City clothing store where they both worked. Though both are fans of hip-hop, Sebastian spent some time in hardcore punk bands, while Nosaj was primarily influenced by Curtis Mayfield. They started recording '70s-influenced rap in 1987 but couldn't afford to continue making records. Later, however, engineer Scott Harding heard some demos and introduced the duo to Gee Street Records. After two years on a demo deal, they were officially signed in 1992. Heavy Load appeared one year later, while Paradise Don't Come Cheap surfaced in 1996. 


1 Good Times 2:39
2 Headhunter 2:29
3 Frontman 3:05
4 Mad Mad World 1:44
5 Mama And Papa 3:33
6 Cheap Thrills 4:19
7 Mars 3:19
8 Are You Alive? 3:51
9 Half Seas Over 3:45
10 Mother Nature 3:40
11 Calico Cats 2:54
12 Mighty Maverick 5:07
13 Lazy Smoke 3:28

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