15 May 2016

ROCKBITCH Motor Driven Bimbo 1999

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The history of RockBitch reads like the history of no other band. The group is actually a subset of a matriarchal communal society. This society is of pagan theology and believes in sex as a form of free expression, and seeks to break the sexual taboos of society, especially as they apply to women.
The first band that can be said to have a direct link to RockBitch is Cat Genetica, which was formed in 1989 by the Bitch and the Beast. The group was later renamed Red Abyss. After many personnel changes they changed their name again to RockBitch. The name change also heralded changes of musical style (becoming harder-edged), lyrical style (taking on a more serious tone), and stage philosophy (the band began expressing their sexual politics onstage). This last change took the form of the group, by now almost exclusively female, performing sex acts on stage and performing, at least partially, in the nude. Needless to say, these factors have caused the group to attract a lot of controversy over time. Frequently, their shows have been greatly restricted by local authorities. On other occasions tours have been completely canceled due to legal reasons.
By 1999 when RockBitch released Motor Driven Bimbo, the lineup was Julie, Babe, the Bitch, Nikki, Epone, Luci, and the Beast. However, since the release of that disc, the Beast has gone from being guitarist to band manager. 
2 The Church
3 Eveline
4 Baby
5 Sex And The Devil
6 Open Letter
7 Nympho
8 Innocence
9 Lucifer
10 Essex Girl
11 Tell Me
12 Bride Of Christ
13 Diva


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