23 May 2016

REVERSAL OF MAN This is Medicine 1999


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A cathartic onslaught of the grinding, screamy nature dished out by the masters of musical emotional aggression, Reversal of Man. If someone were to bulldoze a mall with people inside of it, this could very well be the soundtrack, characterized by chaotic, choppy, cut-throat structures and some extremely well-done screaming. "Mittens and Muzzles" alone makes this album worth buying, not to mention the 15 other tracks on This Is Medicine. While it's not necessarily the best work by ROM, it's still better than 75 percent of the rest of the other grindcore/hardcore bands out there. 


1 January Twenty Second
2 Enoch Ardon
3 Fashion Cowboys
4 The Houngen
5 Butterflies
6 Mittens And Muzzles
7 Bless The Printing Press
8 The Lottery
9 Dying On Cue
10 Conjecture
11 Hills Have Eyes
12 Transfer Zounds
13 Hand Me Complaints Please
14 Rubberneck Telepathy
15 Idle Adolescents
16 Twenty Seconds Example Of Repetitive Nature

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