01 May 2016

HEADSTONES Teeth and Tissue 1995

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The Western-tinged, hard-edged rock & roll of Headstones began in the late '80s in Ontario, Canada, and consists of vocalist Hugh Dillon, guitarist Trent Carr, bassist Tim White, and drummer Dale Harrison. The band signed to MCA in 1993 and soon after released Picture of Health, followed by Teeth & Tissue. Headstones broke more ground in 1996 with Juno Award nominations for Best Group and Best Rock Album, while releasing Smile & Wave that same year. Three years passed before Nickels for Your Nightmares, in which time Carr and Harrison became fathers and Dillon recovered from a drug addiction. Dillon has also found success in acting, appearing in several films, including Hard Core Logo and Dance Me Outside. 


1 Hindsight 3:58
2 Unsound 3:32
3 Marigold 5:13
4 Hearts, Love & Honour 4:49
5 Million Days In May 3:59
6 Dripping Dime Size Drops 5:12
7 Swinging 2:32
8 Let It Go 2:46
9 Say Goodbye 2:20
10 Burning 3:16
11 Look Away 2:37
12 Teeth & Tissue 4:11
13 One More Move 3:49

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