07 May 2016

MEAN SEASON Grace 1994

hardcore released on New Age Records


From 1992 thru 1996 the Orange County Hardcore band Mean Season was a driving force in the Hardcore scene. With their unique blend of Heavy Metal, Hardcore & Punk The Season cut a path straight to the heart of the darkest soul.
In 1992 Mean Season stirred up a lot of noise with their debut 7inch “Bleed to Me” released on New Age Records. The release, backed up by Mean Season’s high octane and relentless live shows helped breathe new life into the Southern California Hardcore scene which was in desperate need of something this dangerous. The success of “Bleed to Me” put the band on the road and they brought their new style across the United States with a winter ‘92 head lining tour.
In 1993 Mean Season set out with brother New Age band, Unbroken for six weeks on a co-head lining U.S. tour. This legendary tour not only sparked a brotherhood between the two brightest shining bands California Hardcore had to offer, but also left a trail of sweat & blood on the U.S. asphalt that can still be seen by touring Hardcore bands today. After M.S. had conquered the United States the band set it’s sites on Europe, and in early 1994 Europe came looking for The Season. Seven weeks with O.C. Hardcore pioneers No For An Answer was just what Mean Season needed to introduce their style to Europe’s thriving hardcore scene. The “Bleed to Me” 7inch helped set the new standard for Hardcore music and quickly became New Age’s best selling release, and the buzz was only beginning….


1 Suffer
2 Scorched
3 Pilgrim
4 This Season
5 Lesser Man
6 Numb Again
7 Abattoir (Feast Upon)
8 Four Circles (Kali)
9 Mourningside
10 Numb Again (Acoustic)

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