12 October 2011

CHER U.K. Go-Go Fish 1994

By request


by Stewart Mason

Deserving massive praise for their brilliantly smart-alecky name alone, Missouri punk-pop trio Cher U.K. never quite delivered on the sarcastic promise of its handle, but the band's signature mixture of loopy lyrics, surprisingly catchy hooks, and noise rock interruptions -- like a mutation of the key attributes of the Meat Puppets, the Young Fresh Fellows, and the Butthole Surfers -- is entertainingly unpredictable.

Singer/guitarist Mike McCoy, bassist Heather Grehan, and drummer Lisa McKenzie formed Cher U.K. in Kansas City, MO, in 1991. After a 1992 debut single on the redoubtable Fist Puppet label, "Janitor in a Drum" backed with "Disaster," Cher U.K. signed with Twin/Tone's Red Decibel subsidiary and recorded their full-length debut, 1993's She's a Weird Little Snack. A surprisingly poppy follow-up, 1994's Go-Go Fish, was a bit more refined and less noisy, with the Velvet Underground homage/plagiarism "Baldie" among the standouts. Cher U.K. split up shortly … » Read more

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