05 October 2011

FABRIC Woolly Mammoth 1997

By request


by Tom Demalon

The Bloomington, Indiana trio Fabric features the talents of Tina Barbieri (ex-Mysteries of Life), guitarist Chris Kupersmith, and keyboard player Scott Ewing. Produced by the band, Woolly Mammoth is goofy fun, at its best, and a bit grating, at other times, as they tread the same eccentric, quirky pop ground as the Flaming Lips. Barbieri sounds like Liz Phair on the circus-like "Deaf Baby" and "Rubberman" is an oddly amusing track with bouncy piano and tumbling percussion. They manage to work mental health, electro-shock, and sexual repression into the lyrics of "Bring on the Girls," with Barbieri delivering the words in an eerie vocal punctuated by Kupersmith's guitar bursts. Other standouts include two cuts sung by Kupersmith. "Husband's Tale" is a wry take on the male perspective of marriage which Barbieri joins in on mid-song, and "Security," a sweet tome on loneliness, is the most obvious pop melody on the record. An intriguing album, Woolly Mammoth requires a bit of effort.

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