03 October 2011

THE LAZY COWGIRLS A Little Sex and Death 1997

 Reupped November 2012


by Mark Deming
If The Ramones had been a road-tested biker gang instead of pop-obsessed cartoon speed merchants, they might have sounded something like The Lazy Cowgirls. Merging the buzzsaw roar of first-wave punk, the sneering attitude of '60's garage rock, the heart-on-your-sleeve honesty of honky-tonk, and the self-assured swagger of The Rolling Stones, The Lazy Cowgirls play raw, sweaty outlaw rock and roll at its most furiously passionate and physically intense; like a Harley gunned up to 95 mph, The Lazy Cowgirls may not sound safe, but they sure are fun.

Vocalist Pat Todd, guitarist » Read more(Allmusic.com)


piratecyan said...

Oh yes, a classic band. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

great stuff. have you got "how it looks, how it is" ?

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