05 October 2011

PAPA VEGAS Hello Vertigo 1999

By request
Reupped December 2012


by Vincent Jeffries
Led by guitarist/songwriter and vocalist Joel Ferguson, Papa Vegas emerged in the late '90s. They had a sound, a look, and an attitude tailored for the mainstream "alternative" masses and the media/business outlets that catered to what had become a large musical appetite for polished and melodic guitar rock. After a brief indie recording stint, Papa Vegas was welcomed with open arms to the musical stables of RCA Records, who oversaw the writing, recording, and release of the band's one and only full-length disc. The resulting interest in the group was hardly what the band or the label anticipated, and Papa Vegas promptly fell off the face of the earth. If the group was dropped from the RCA roster, or if they, in fact, broke up before the label … » Read more


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