03 October 2011

FLUF Mangravy 1993

By request
(thanks Val!)


by John Bush

San Diego's Fluf play good-hearted punk-pop in the vein of Sugar and Dinosaur Jr. Guitarist/vocalist O. and bassist Josh Higgins had played in Olivelawn, but formed fluf in 1992 with a new drummer, Miles Gillett. The trio recorded a slew of seven-inch singles (collected on 1995's The Classic Years), but finally released a debut album on Headhunter/Cargo in mid-1993. The album confusingly had separate titles for each format (CD, cassette and vinyl), but is popularly known as Mangravy. Second album Home Improvements appeared early the following year, as did Compact Disc Is Weak. Waikiki followed in 1997, and a year later the group returned with Road Rage. I Know I'm Somebody followed in fall 2000. (Allmusic.com)


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Thanks, never heard of them and they sound great

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