20 October 2011

SPELL Mississippi 1994

By request


by Pemberton Roach
One of the more back-to-basics bands to emerge from the early-'90s grunge scene, Spell is a stripped-down power trio with an emphasis on the power. Interspersing huge, Black Sabbath by way of Soundgarden-style riffs with softer Velvet Underground and Nico drone sections, the band keeps things pretty simple. The best songs are the ones on which Chanin Floyd sings. On those tracks, Spell recalls other heavy indie bands with female vocals, such as Royal Trux and Thumper, but with more melodic vocals than the former and more ragged production than the latter. The band plays with pretty ferocious energy throughout, but the formula gets a bit old after the first four or five tunes. 


1 Dixie 3:41
2 Seems To Me 3:21
3 Superstar 3:23
4 More 6:28
5 Straight To Hell 3:17
6 4-b 4:34
7 Hazel Motes 4:28
8 Safe 4:26
9 Mom 3:55
10 Bring The Old Man 4:27


Mark the Guy said...

And don't forget they had the same manager as Nirvana. Kurt, Krist and Dave was always going to Spell's concerts when they were playing in the Seattle area!

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could you reupload Spell Mississippi

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Could you please reupload this?

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