19 October 2011

COME Car 12 inch 1991

12 inch release



Last Mistake



by Jason Ankeny

The dark and dissonant blues-rock band Come formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1990. The group was led by singer/guitarist Thalia Zedek -- a recovering heroin addict and veteran of the indie-rock scene whose career included tenures fronting Live Skull, Uzi, the Dangerous Birds and White Women -- and guitarist Chris Brokaw, also the drummer for Codeine. Fleshed out by a pair of Athens, Georgia refugees -- former Kilkenny Cats bassist Sean O'Brien and onetime Bar-B-Q Killers drummer Arthur Johnson -- Come spent its first year of existence improvising and jamming together before recording "Car," a single for the Sub Pop label which made them one of the most highly-touted new acts on the underground scene.


flyppo said...

been a long time looking for "Car" and for "Cimarron". Many Thanks

edlorado said...

thanks !

lex dexter said...

Seems like I tell this story wherever I go, but my life was changed when I saw Wider and the Grifters open for Come on the eleven; eleven tour. I was 12 and it made an impression.

BTW, IHATETHE90s, I am pretty sure I can get you a copy of the 2nd Wider 7" by way of my "donation" to your great undertaking. Is that cool, or are you hot for the 1st one that has Matt Sweeney? I don't see that one around here as much, but I'd probably pass mine along in a really lobsided trade or just pass it along, too. Lemme Know - Lex

IHateThe90s said...