09 February 2012

BETTIE SERVEERT Dust Bunnies 1997

By request


by Steve Huey
Although they didn't cross over into the mainstream the way some of their peers did, Holland's Bettie Serveert became significant college radio stars during the '90s with their jangly, sweetly melodic, at times surprisingly muscular guitar pop. The band's sound was familiar, even archetypal, yet with its own distinct flavor that suggested any number of reference points and made exact comparisons elusive. Much of Bettie Serveert's reputation rested on their 1992 debut, Palomine, and even though critical opinion of their subsequent work was divided, they continued to maintain a cult audience through the decade. 


1 Geek 3:52
2 The Link 3:09
3 Musher 3:10
4 Dust Bunny 2:13
5 What Friends? 2:47
6 Misery Galore 4:03
7 Story In A Nutshell 1:11
8 Sugar The Pill 4:00
9 Rudder 2:47
10 Pork & Beans 2:58
11 Fallen Foster 3:59
12 Co-Coward 3:50
13 Heaven 3:34


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Oh yes, loved this band. Nice upload.

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