24 February 2012

MARY MY HOPE Suicide Kings EP 1989


Monster Is Bigger Than The Man 5:55

Communion 6:38

Suicide Kings 5:21

I'm Not Alone (Live) 5:43

It's About Time (Live) 5:36


by Michael Sutton

Predicting the future is never a guarantee of success. The Atlanta, GA, band Mary My Hope appeared a little too early, carving layers of post-punk and hard rock a few years before the Smashing Pumpkins would turn similar ingredients into multi-platinum sales. Founded by James Hall (vocalist) in the mid-'80s with guitarist Clinton Steele, bassist Sven Pipien, and drummer Steve Lindenbaum, Mary My Hope were minor-league players in the college-radio world, several ranks below all-stars like … » Read more

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