09 February 2012

DWINDLE Recently Okay 1997

Upped by J.O. Thanks for the upload!

Also you will find the other releases by Dwindle in the comments. Enjoy!


by Nitsuh Abebe
Recently Okay manages to consistently overshoot the limitations of Dwindle's genre. The album's style of big, turbulent, and semi-dramatic indie rock could easily fall into banality, but there's something in the slow and methodical movements that makes the band sound not only competent, but frequently quite gifted. Rather than simply asking to be taken serious with huge guitar attacks and overdramatic composition, the record drives along unpretentiously, and the subtlety of the band's construction complements the lumbering conspicuousness of their sound quite well. Recently Okay is certain to appeal to all fans of this sort of plodding, guitar-heavy indie rock, and possibly some music-lovers from other standpoints as well. Some of the band's other releases present a more melodic, less epic version of this sound that should broaden the net a bit more.

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