09 February 2012

WEEPING TILE Cold Snap 1995

By request


by Mike DeGagne

Comprised of a recipe containing an unprocessed and unrefined feel that's coupled with the down-home sincerity of vocalist Sarah Harmer, Weeping Tile's Cold Snap is a well-built album that harnesses the fervency and modest sound of this Canadian band. Ear-pleasing and colorful, the songs that make up Cold Snap blossom with their admiration for their home province of Ontario, and address Harmer's love of singing songs pertaining to events and places. "U.F.O. Rosie" is about a lady in western Canada who lives in a trailer among the wheatfields and awaits the arrival of flying saucers. "Westray," which deals with a coal mine disaster that occurred on the East Coast and could have been avoided, is sung with a touch of anger and fittingly winding lyrics. Guitarist Luther Wright, who recorded a countrified version of Pink Floyd's The Wall, is noticeably present with his instrument as well as his voice, adding to the band's humble demeanor. Harmer went on to record a solo album six years after this album's release, but Weeping Tile centers her in a group atmosphere and showcases her singing within a much more enthusiastic environment.


alex supertramp said...

sarah harmer AND Luther Wright?!? ... damn, sign me up! thanks for the heads up on this,,,keep up the great work!

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