16 February 2012

MARS ACCELERATOR Frankfurt: Telephonics 1998

By request


by Solar Marquardt

While it may be news to some, it is certainly not news to Seattle's arithmetic-rockers Mars Accelerator that music relates to math. The band appeared on the underground rock scene in the mid-'90s with their debut LP I Am the South Pole. Their signature brand of intelligent guitar-dominated music features multiple intertwining melody/noise lines, odd time signatures, and the massive use of effects. Mars Accelerator quickly established a reputation for dense, complicated rock with an abundance of musical changes. In 1998, the band released their second album, Frankfurt: Telephonics. Continuing with their sometimes hard-to-digest sonic assault, the group's appeal would remain an underground phenomenon. Following their second album, RX Remedy Records closed and KC Bonnem (drums) and Victoria Sloan (bass) left the group, seemingly putting a damper on further releases. In 2001, the group reappeared on the Northwest club circuit. With a new set of tunes, all-around nice guy Bobby Nath … » Read more

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