27 February 2012

COLORFINGER Deep in the Heart of the Beast of the Sun 1990

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Editorial Reviews

Colorfinger is Art Alexakis' pre-Everclear band. Gritty, raw and full of emotion this album has been sought after by collectors and bootleggers for well over a decade. Any fans of Everclear's early albums World Of Noise or Sparkle And Fade will not be disappointed, as well as fans of pure American rock music. This is rock and roll - this is Colorfinger. From the official Colorfinger press release: Describing the album is not an easy task. This is not the kind of music you can wrap up neatly and fit into any single category. From his crazy childhood growing up in the housing projects of Los Angeles, to the drugged out decadence of night clubs and the LA punk scene, Alexakis soaked up a wide variety of ideas and influences ranging from Hank Williams Sr. and John Doe of X, to Sonic Youth and Neil Young. With grinding guitars, soaring harmonies, heavy rhythms and unpredictable twists and turns, the music of Colorfinger is indeed hard to label...but even harder to deny. Listen to "Deep in the Heart of the Beast in the Sun." You won't find anything kind or gentle here. This album is about the hard irony and bizarre comedy of real life, not Hallmark cards. (Amazon.com)


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