15 February 2012

COLE How the Crow Came to Be Black 1996

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How the Crow Came to be Black falls into the more dramatic and composed end of the Chapel Hill indie-rock sound -- the band hits its big-rock paces with a certain degree of competence, letting its vocals lurk beneath turbulent guitar rumbling, but the record's big dynamics and dramatic rock composition tends not to be incredibly fascinating. Tracks like "The Art of Breeding" find an interestingly slanted and syncopated riffing style -- and it's moments like these where the record is at its best -- but they crop up far less than one might wish.


1 Odds On An Inch
2 The Open Sea
3 The Art Of Breeding
4 Slow Tounges (Broken Talkers)
5 Misery Of Bodies
6 Pigeon

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