24 June 2015


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A Texas group that attempted to resurrect '60s psychedelia (but wound up sounding like Soundgarden), Flowerhead was a hard rockin' quartet that enjoyed a brief career during the early '90s. Consisting of members Eric Schmitz (vocals, guitar), Buz Zoller (guitar), Eric Faust (bass), and Pete Levine (drums), the band issued an independent, cassette-only release first, 1990's In the Toybox, before signing to the Zoo label and issuing two more albums -- 1992's Ka-Bloom (which the group toured behind with an opening slot on Blind Melon's spring 1993 U.S. tour) and 1995's People's Fuzz. Shortly thereafter, Flowerhead had gone the way of the buffalo. 


1 Acid Reign 5:07
2 All Along The Way 2:50
3 Thunderjeep 5:51
4 Snagglepuss 5:44
5 Everything Is Beautiful 3:30
6 Oh Shane 7:22
7 What?! 3:46
8 Coffee 6:40
9 Sunflower 5:18


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