21 June 2015

THE YUMMY FUR Night Club 1996

Jangly, somewhat lo-fi indie rock. 

Glaswegian indie art-punks featuring future members of the 1990s and Franz Ferdinand.


A1 Plastic Cowboy
A2 Prole Birthday
A3 Kirsty Cooper
A4 Theme From Ultrabra
A5 Films
A6 Cheloveck
A7 Republic Of Salo
A8 Rollerderby
A9 Theoretically Pink
B1 Kodak Nancy Europe
B2 Carry On Nurse
B3 I Am 'Cosmetic Man'
B4 Roxy Girls
B5 Klaxxon Education Film
B6 Exact Copy Of Herman Friendly
B7 Sergeant Jumper
B8 Chinese Bookie

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