08 June 2015

THE MIST Gottverlassen 1996

by request

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The Mist was led by Jairo Guedz, the original guitarist with the cult-favorite Brazilian thrash band Sepultura. After recording their 1986 debut Morbid Visions, Guedz left Sepultura to form the Mist, issuing the group's first album Phantasmagoria in 1989; The Hangman Tree followed two years later. Two more albums, 1993's Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust and 1996's Gotteverlassen, were released before Guedz signed on with Overdose in early 1997; originally a temporary replacement for guitarist Sergio C., he later agreed to join the band on a permanent basis, dissolving the Mist in the process. 


Fangs Of A Pig 4:20
Drop Dead 6:24
Godforsaken 5:54
Cannibalism 0:18
Switch Off The Body Suckers 6:47
Jesus Land 5:32
Untie Me 4:50
Pump 4:44
Jailmind Man 6:20
Eyes 4:30
Devilscreen 3:34
Breath Of Nothing 5:03

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