14 June 2015

GLITTERBOX Tied & Tangled 1997

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Brit-rockers Glitterbox formed at a London art school in 1993; comprising vocalist Jonny Green, guitarist Miles Heseltine, bassist Tony Holland and drummer Mark Servaes, the group originally adopted the name She, and after endless months of woodshedding, landed opening gigs for acts including the Lemonheads, Everclear and that dog. After signing to Atlantic and completing their debut record Tied and Tangled, the band was threatened with legal action by a rap outfit also called She; a name change to Glitterbox soon followed, but the release of the album was nevertheless delayed, finally appearing in 1997. The group disbanded the following year, with Heseltine and Servaes later reuniting in Lapland. 


1 Houdini
2 Scared Of All The World
3 Woody Allen
4 Superman
5 I Can Wait
6 You Can't Live On Mars
7 Jesus Song
8 Summersong
9 Step Inside
10 Sit Back And Watch Her Fly
11 Tonight To Hell

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