21 June 2015

PUSSYCAT TRASH Non-Stop Hip-Action 1995

PUSSYCAT TRASH were around back in the heyday of the UK riot-grrrl scene of the early 1990s. Along with the likes of HUGGY BEAR and SKINNED TEEN, they forged the backbone of a vital and vibrant underground scene. PUSSYCAT TRASH also contained a young Pete and Rachel, who later went on to form the amazing RED MONKEY. They also ran the inspiring Slampt records, which is unfortunately no more.


A1 Existentialism
A2 Punk Xerox Connections
A3 I Need Science Fiction
A4 Galore
A5 Style B: Rogue Robots.
A6 Zombie Beat
A7 Pussycat Trash Vs. Jarvis Cocker
A8 Fuck
B1 Big Sulk
B2 Mock Style Examinations
B3 Viva La Punka
B4 Fake Heart
B5 Dumb Crush
B6 Tattoo
B7 Spacesuit In A Supermarket
B8 Style A: Resistance Is Useful
B9 Where Will We Strike Next

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