17 June 2015

SALAD Ice Cream 1997

by request

Artist Biography by

Salad was a somewhat underrated U.K.-based pop group that included vocalist/keyboardist Marijne Van Der Vlugt, bassist Pete Brown, drummer Rob Wakeman, and guitarist Paul Kennedy. Thanks to Van Der Vlugt's amiable, joyous stage presence (along with her notoriety as a video jockey for MTV Europe), Salad gained a reputation as an energetic pop group comparable to other bouncy outfits like Sleeper and Elastica. They formed in 1992 and released three full-lengths -- 1995's Drink Me, the same year's Singles Bar, and 1997's Icecream -- before breaking up in the late '90s. Despite being part of the Brit-pop scene in terms of sound, they never quite received the same amount of attention given to their peers. 


1 U.V. 3:07
2 Yeah Yeah 3:17
3 Written By A Man 5:14
4 Broken Bird 2:36
5 Wanna Be Free 4:49
6 A Size More Woman Than Her 3:19
7 Cardboy King 3:37
8 Namedrops 3:46
9 Foreign Cow 3:16
10 Terrible Day 2:31
11 Wolves Over Washington 3:11
12 The Sky's Our Terminal 4:47

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