18 June 2015

LOCAL RABBITS You Can't Touch This 1996

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Peter Elkas, "King" Johnny Starr, and Ben Gunning formed the band Local Rabbits in 1990, when each was only 14 years old. At that time, their forte was blues-oriented covers, but soon they grew bored and instead tested the waters with an inventive guitar pop approach. Within a few developmental years, and after the addition of drummer Brian Waters (who was replaced in 1995 with Jason Tustin), the band got a high-profile introduction to the Montreal music scene when Halifax pop kings, Sloan, showcased the young band during tours and brought them in on Murderecords, the label that Sloan had set up only a short while before. In 1996, the aspiring quartet debuted with You Can't Touch This and became the new darlings of indie radio with their kitschy, swinging performance antics and self-deprecating showmanship. By 1999, Local Rabbits would release Basic Concept and show themselves to be a pop band of matured musicianship and focus. 


1 Intro 1:56
2 Missing Out 3:41
3 61 Days 4:02
4 Tuesday Night Treasure 3:02
5 (Sally Ann's) Style Denial 6:03
6 Schnaw 0:16
7 Yo Teach! 3:57
8 Move It On Over 2:58
9 Key To The Highway 3:21
10 Soundboard Love 3:07
11 Fuzz & Fro Intro 0:55
12 Pop's & Company 5:13
13 (She Said) You're Such A Stupid Idiot 3:11
14 The Rez 3:59
15 West Island Rockers 4:25
16 Black Tie (Circa 1990) 0:48
17 Wintertime Daydream 3:04
18 Boom Boom 3:58
19 All Night Long 5:55

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