14 June 2015

MEXICO 70 Imperial Comet Hour 1997


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The Dust Has Come to Stay
The British pop band Mexico 70 was led by singer/guitarist Mick Bund, a onetime member of Felt. Rounded out by lead guitarist Mark Barrett, bassist Guido Mullingan, and drummer Rick Duce, the group signed to the Cherry Red label, releasing a pair of EPs which were later compiled on their first LP, The Dust Has Come to Stay. A second album, Sing When You're Winning, appeared only in Spain; Mexico 70 then signed with the American indie label Big Pop to release 1997's Imperial Comet Hour


1 Every Hour 3:12
2 I Want You 4:08
3 Till You've Spoken 3:14
4 Best And Hurst 3:15
5 It'll Never Happen Again 3:23
6 In Time 3:03
7 Hate For You 4:46
8 So Do I 4:18
9 Road Movie In You 3:12
10 Me All Over 2:35
11 Days Can't Touch You Now 2:38
12 Little Tears 4:47
13 Jimmy McGriff 2:46
14 Jet Century Horses 3:15

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