07 November 2016

BOREDOMS Pop Tatari 1992


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Of all the artists in Japan's thriving noise-music community, the Boredoms undoubtedly had the most fun. Although their maniacally extreme cacophony was by no means accessible listening, it was underpinned by a gleeful sense of humor that helped them find a limited (but still surprisingly wide) audience among alternative rockers. A typical Boredoms track might feature massively distorted guitars, squealing synths, any number of odd found-object noisemakers, or studio-manipulation effects; conventional song structures are thrown out the window in favor of abrupt, whiplash-inducing changes of direction. With Sonic Youth and Nirvana counting themselves among the Boredoms' fans, the group actually signed major-label deals during the early '90s, both in Japan and the U.S., and played the Lollapalooza main stage. Although the Boredoms' American deal eventually fell through, they continued to record steadily in Japan, progressing into a sort of trance-inducing, psychedelia-tinged experimental rock indebted to the '70s Krautrock movement. 


1 Noise Ramones 0:30
2 Nice B-O-R-E Guy & Boyoyo Touch 0:55
3 Hey Bore Hey 1:40
4 Bo Go 7:20
5 Bore Now Bore 2:42
6 Okinawa Rasta Beef (Mockin' Fuzz2) 3:58
7 Which Dooyoo Like? 2:08
8 Molecicco 2:47
9 Telehorse Uma 4:36
10 Hoy 4:32
11 Bocabola 3:54
12 Heeba 3:21
13 Poy (Mockin' Fuzz1) 4:26
14 Bod 1:19
15 Cheeba 9:00
16 Pop Tatari 1:58
17 Cory & The Mandara Suicide Pyramid Action Or Gas Satori 10:10

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