07 November 2016

MOTORPSYCHO The Nerve Tattoo EP 1995

by request

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Named for a movie by American sexploitation auteur Russ Meyer, Motorpsycho are a Norwegian band whose music is an adventurous fusion of progressive rock, psychedelia, alternative rock, folk-rock, hard rock, and old-school heavy metal. Motorpsycho were formed in Trondheim, Norway in the fall of 1989 by guitarist Hans Magnus "Snah" Ryan, bassist Bent Saether, and drummer Kjell Runar "Killer" Jenssen, who all knew one another from playing the regional club circuit with various bands. After cutting a demo in 1990 (which was released under the title Maiden Voyage) and releasing their debut LP, Lobotomizer, in 1991, Jenssen left the band and Håkon Gebhardt, a high-school friend of Ryan's, took over behind the drums. 


1 The Nerve Tattoo 4:30
2 Of Beacons & Beams 1:14
3 The Wheel 7:44
4 Pale Day 2:30
5 Mad Sun 3:23

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