25 November 2016

HOOD Silent '88 1996


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Cabled Linear Traction
The Leeds, England-based lo-fi bliss-popsters Hood comprised Andrew Johnson, Chris Adams, Richard Adams, John Clyde-Evans, Craig Tattersall, and Nicola Hodgkinson. The group debuted in 1992 with the 7" "Sirens"; after 1993's "Opening Into Enclosure," a year later they issued Cabled Linear Traction, which collected their two earlier singles. Absent throughout 1995, the year following, Hood returned with a barrage of new material -- after three singles ("Lee Faust Million Piece Orchestra," "A Harbour of Thoughts," and "I've Forgotten How to Live," all of them issued on different labels), the group also released the full-length Silent '88. Secrets Now Known to Others, a ten-track EP of material recorded for but not included on Silent '88, appeared in 1997, as did the album Structured Disasters. Though it wasn't released in America, The Cycle of Days and Seasons followed on Domino in 1999. They returned in 2001 with the Home Is Where It Hurts EP, which was the group's first American release in four years and showcased their increasingly electronic direction. They continued in that direction on Cold House, a bleak and experimental effort released the same year. Late in 2004, the Lost You EP arrived in anticipation of 2005's Outside Closer


1 The Field Is Cut 4:25
2 Hood Northern 3:51
3 Delusions Of Worthlessness 3:35
4 At Last! Riots On Spofforth Hill 0:48
5 Untitled 0:31
6 Rural Colours 2:30
7 Western Skies 2:43
8 Deny Deny Deny 1:17
9 Smash Your Head On The Cubist Jazz 1:12
10 The Hidden Ambience Of A Lost Art 3:33
11 Being Beaten Up 0:40
12 Silent '88 4:11
13 Outro 0:50
14 Intro 0:43
15 Documenting Crop Rotations 2:09
16 I Hate You Now 0:28
17 Her Innocent Stock Of Words 3:17
18 Trust Me, I'm A Stomach 2:48
19 Resonant 1942 2:00
20 Sometimes I Worry 1:54
21 Untitled 0:27
22 Downpour 2:42
23 The Fields Are Divided 1:38
24 Love Is Dead But Never Buried 2:43
25 Empty Canvas 1:50
26 The Silent Years 11:02

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